Curtain Wall CNC Fabrication

Curtain Wall CNC Machining from CNT Motion Systems

CNC Solutions for Curtain Wall Fabrication

CNC Curtain Wall Machine

CNT-1000 Series Curtain Wall CNC Machine with One Tilting Z-Head and 15″ X 36′ Work Envelope

The only Curtain Wall CNC machine for aluminum extrusions with vertical and horizontal clamp-down fixturing.

Curtain Wall Machine with Vises

Four-Axis CNT-1000 Series Curtain Wall Machine with 8 Vises and 16″ X 240″ X 20″ Cutting Area

A robust and versatile solution for machining long, heavy-wall aluminum parts.

CNC Curtain Wall Machine with Kurt Vises

CNT-1000 Series Curtain Wall Machine with C-Axis Tilting Head, 14 Kurt Vises and 33″ X 510″ Cutting Area

Featuring 14 Kurt DX6 Vises mounted on 25mm linear guideways to allow adjustable support and movement along the length of the machine.

ACM Curtain Wall CNC Machine

CNT-1000 Series ACM/Curtain Wall CNC Machine with 13 Vises

Featuring a 102″ X 288″ X 18″ cutting area and four hold-down zones for machining ACM, aluminum extrusions and small parts.


CNC Curtain Wall Machines are one of our specialties.

Don’t rule anything out. CNT Motion Systems can design a solution that’s just right for your application. Contact us today!

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