Who’s Using Our CNC Machines?

High Production. Limited Runs. Prototypes.

Manufacturers from numerous industries have realized the benefits of affordable CNC technology from CNT Motion Systems. Our CNC machines are being used worldwide by some of the largest manufacturers in their respective markets.

CNT customers are machining just about any material, including ACM panels/Alucobond, curtain wall, vinyl, granite/stone/marble, aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, foam/ plastics, wood, solid surface, ceramic, reinforced fiberglass, honeycomb and carbon/carbon fiber composites.

Kitchen Cabinets


Custom, four-axis routers are being used to make fluted spindles for furniture and railings for a major wood products catalog company. Some of the country’s leaders in staircase manufacturing are also using our 24-foot CNC Stair Stringer Machine to build spiral staircases. Nationally known door makers have also dramatically increased their productivity and grown their businesses with the help of our machines.

computer chip manufacturing

Plastics Fabricators

CNT customers who are fabricating plastics include a major Texas-based commercial manufacturer and a company making parts for computer chip dipping tanks used by high-tech Silicon Valley firms.

store fixture products

Store Fixture and Trade Show Display Manufacturers

Chances are good that you’ve seen merchandise hanging on store fixtures created by one of the country’s largest manufacturers, all done using CNT machines. Creative trade show and museum displays exhibiting around the world are also made with our machines, including components like framework, panels and applied graphics.

Kitchen Countertop

Solid Surface Specialists

Our machines are also being shipped internationally for solid surface fabrication. And, stateside, some of the finest homes have kitchens and bathrooms stylized with solid surface machined by CNT Motion machining centers.

tool and die products

Tool & Die Makers

One of CNT’s customers is running five machines 24X7, 363 days a year, to make seating for rapid transit trains and stadiums. They’re using our routers to machine aluminum dies for injection-molding 3D parts including seats, grills and lighting fixtures; and they’re shipping them by the trainload! Another manufacturer uses our systems to make 3D injector dies for PVC parts production.

Office Building with Curtain Wall Facade

Curtain Wall Manufacturers

A curtain wall is an outer, covering of a building designed to protect the building from the outdoor elements. Since the curtain wall is non-structural, it can be made of a lightweight material, reducing construction costs. CNT customers are machining Alucobond® (an aluminum composite material) to produce these pre-engineered exterior panels.

One-man Submarine

Aerospace & Military

CNT’s growing list of customers includes those involved in the aerospace industry supporting engineering, design, fabrication and off-site testing for aircraft and parts for many of the leading aerospace companies. Our machines are also being used at the Restoration Division of the National Museum of the US Air Force, where they restore aircraft and aerospace vehicles to historically accurate and visually striking levels.

Snowboard and Speedboat

Specialty Products Manufacturers

Snowboard manufacturers have found that the best way to meet the demand of this increasingly popular sport is to automate their shops. And one of our customers is the recognized world leader. The number one boat builder in the industry, the only inboard company to earn the prestigious National Marine Manufacturers Association Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction four years in a row, is also using our machines to make parts for their world-class luxury and recreational lines. We even have one customer serving the aerospace industry by making helicopter blade cores and machining honeycomb fuel cells.

home fabricators - stock

Home Fabricators

Some of our largest machines (up to 12X’24’ cutting area!) are being used to machine Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for home fabricating.

Teacher with Students

Training Institutions and Universities

Universities, intermediate and vo-tech schools, trade schools and Carpenters’ Union apprenticeship training centers are also taking advantage of the ease-of-use of our CNC machines to train students and workers in the latest trends in manufacturing and automation.

Visit Some CNT Motion Customers

Southern Staircase
Stair Manufacturer

Curtain Wall Manufacturer

Elward Systems
Alucobond Composite Panel Manufacturer

SAGE Cheshire
Specializing in Metal Fabrication, Composite Tooling & Mold Making for Automotive, Aerospace, Commercial & Marine Industriesr

Accura Systems
High-performance architectural building products for commercial construction

Curved Mouldings
Curved Molding Manufacturer

Flexcut Tool Company
Carving Tool Manufacturer

Eastern Wholesale Fence
PVC, Aluminum, Wood Fence Manufacturer

Snowboard and Ski Manufacturer

Tige Boats
Boat Manufacturer

Skeeter Performance Fishing Boats
Boat Manufacture

Cabinetworks Unlimited
Commercial Audio/Video Consoles and Furniture

(An ANDRITZ Company)
Fiberglass and Ceramic Machining

Carnegie-Mellon University
Schools of Architecture, Drama and Art; Student Fabrication Labs

7 Major Considerations when Purchasing a CNC Machine Document

Seven Major Considerations when Purchasing a CNC Machine

There’s no reason why purchasing a CNC machine shouldn’t pay for itself, make you money, and open up new business opportunities. In order to ensure that you’re getting the machine that best suits your production needs now and in the future, you want to make educated decisions. Download our free document outlining some of the vital considerations that many overlook while evaluating their options.


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