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Since 1990, CNT Motion Systems has been bringing affordable automation to businesses just like yours. Whether you have a small shop or multiple high-production facilities, CNC automation can help you reduce overhead and waste, while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Four of Our Most Popular CNC Machining Solutions

CNC Curtain Wall Machine

Curtain Wall Machine

Long Table for Machining Curtain Wall and Extrusions


CNC ACM Panel Alucobond Machine

ACM & Alucobond Machine

With One Z-head and 62" X 196" Work Envelope


CNC Stair Stringer & Tread Machine

Stair Stringer Machine

A CNC Solution Built in Response to Growing Demand.


CNC Fence Machine

CNC Fence Machine

Machine up to Eight Aisles with Eight Spindles.


We specialize in designing and building machines for unique applications.


If you're looking for a company that can design a solution that's just right for your product or application, look no further. We're here to sell you nothing less than a perfect fit. So, if you don't see it on our website, LET'S TALK.


Our Standard CNC Machines

CNT-1000 MachineCNT-1000 Series CNC Router

The CNT-1000 Series is a full-sized, servo-powered, high-performance machine designed for heavier applications, including nested-based fabrication of plastics, hardwoods, solid surface and non-ferrous metals.

CNT-1000 Series CNC Router >

CNT-950 MachineCNT-950 Series CNC Router

The Servo-powered CNT-950 is our most affordable model and perfect for those new to CNC technology. It’s also a great second or third machine for manufacturers looking to expand their current production capabilities.

CNT-950 Series CNC Router >


Not Sure Where to Begin?

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CNT Motion has helped many businesses just like yours determine their ideal machining or fixturing solution. We can do the same for you. BROWSE ALL OF OUR CNC MACHINES >

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The material you're fabricating plays a great role in determining which machine best suits your needs. Browse our CNC machines by materials being processed. LEARN MORE >

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This is Where Supplier Meets Demand.

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, CNT Motion Systems has been building CNC machines since 1990, bringing affordable automation to businesses just like yours. Our experience and innovation has helped our customers streamline their production and grow their businesses.


Before You Buy

Commonly Asked Questions about Our CNC Machines

If you're new to CNC machining technology, we can help you sort through your options and make an informed decision. A great place to start is by visiting our FAQ page. You'll find information about automation technology, tooling, fixturing and more. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS >

Who's Using Our CNC Machines?

Manufacturers from numerous industries have realized the benefits of affordable CNC technology from CNT Motion Systems. Our machines are being used worldwide by some of the largest manufacturers in their respective markets. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS >

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ACM Panel CNC Machine with 62-inch wide x 196-inch long cutting area, 12-HP 4-pole ISO30 automatic tool change spindle with 8 tools, and 25-HP vacuum hold-down system.