Metalworking CNC Router/Mills for Machining

CNT Motion has been producing large-work-area metalworking CNC Router/Mills as a cost-effective solution for milling large, light-gauge to medium-thickness steel, aluminum, copper, brass and other metal bar/plate. Many of our customers have found that our CNC Router/Mills are ideally suited for their specific applications, providing greater flexibility, higher speeds and larger work areas than traditional vertical machining centers.

Whether you are trying to produce products out of brass, need a CNC router for aircraft aluminum parts, need to create aluminum signs, or metal plates, our machines can make you more efficient. 

While our CNC machining centers are not designed to directly compete with vertical machining centers, we offer an affordable and viable alternative for metal parts production. If one of our systems is not right for your project, CNT will not try to sell or build you a machine that won't satisfy your needs. Let’s talk about your specific requirements to see if we have a solution that’s right for you and your project.

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• Y-Axis: Available from 24" to 144" wide
• X-Axis: Available from 36" to 600+" long
• Z-Axis: Available from 7" to 48+"
• C-Axis Options
   - Tilt Spindle Head up to +120°
   - Tooling Rotation 360° + unlimited
   - Turn Table on Platform Bed, horizontal, rotation 360° + unlimited, diameter up to 120"
   - Lathe-style Rotation 360° + unlimited, length limited by material up to 500" long, 36" diameter
• Spindle: 4 to 30 HP; Cooling: Fan or Chiller; Tooling: ISO 30 or 40, HSK-F-25 or 63; Speeds: 4,000 to 60,000 rpm
• Coolant Delivery: Dry, Micro Drop, Flood, Mist, Spider Cool
• Chip Collectors
• Table Configurations: Flat Bed, Drop Bed, Over and Under, In Line Conveyor, or designed to your application


• Lasers (marking and cutting) (CO2, YAG and Fiber)
• Marking Systems (Laser, Machining, Ball-Peening)
• Vision Systems
• Multiple Gantries
• Measuring and Calibration Systems
• Clamping (Air, Hydraulic and Mechanical Vises)
• Vacuum Hold-down (Through and Gasketed)

Mapped Positional Accuracy±.002"
Cutting AreaSpecify
Z-axis TravelSpecify
Rapid Traverse X & Y2200 IPM
Rapid Traverse Z500 IPM
Drive MotorServo
Y-axis Drive SystemArmoloy Coated Helical Rack-and-pinion
X- & Z-axes Drive SystemHiwin Ball Screw
C-axes Drive SystemGear Box
ControllerWindows® PC
Warranty1 Year



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