CNT has been able to build machines that our competition chose not to build. Once we understand your manufacturing process and production goals, we can design a solution to fit them.

We integrate SolidWorks and finite element analysis (FEA) into the design and development of our solutions to simulate the machines and minimize deflection. We adopt laser tracking to certify positional accuracy. CNT can also incorporate UV curing capabilities into your machine, if your application requires it.


CNC Routing (Our Base Machines)

CNT-1000 MachineCNT-1000 Series CNC Router

The CNT-1000 Series is a full-sized, servo-powered, high-performance machine designed for heavier applications, including nested-based fabrication of plastics, hardwoods, solid surface and non-ferrous metals.


CNT-1000 for Nested-Based Cabinet Manufacturing

CNT-1000 for Solid Surface

CNT-1000 for Sign Making

CNT-950 MachineCNT-950 Series CNC Router

The Servo-powered CNT-950 is our most affordable model and perfect for those new to CNC technology. It’s also a great second or third machine for manufacturers looking to expand their current production capabilities.


CNT-950 for Nested-Based Cabinet Manufacturing

CNT-950 for Solid Surface

CNT-950 for Sign Making


Long Table for Machining Curtain Wall and Extrusions

curtainwall cnc router mainThe only Curtain Wall CNC machine for aluminum extrusions with vertical and horizontal clamp-down fixturing. In 1999, CNT built the first of several machines designed to drill and mill long aluminum extrusions for pre-engineered commercial building exterior wall coverings, known as curtain walls. Today, we’re offering a single-step, automated solution with a standard work envelope that’s even larger, a pivoting head, automatic tool changer and alcohol/oil coolant system.


ACM Panel / Alucobond CNC Machining

alucobond cnc machine - product viewCNT Motion was contacted by a Colorado-based fabricator looking to machine Alucobond® Composite Panels for pre-engineered commercial building exterior cladding. The company, which has supplied over 6.5 million square feet of composite panels all over the United States, turned to CNT to provide an automated solution large enough to handle two panels at a time and accurate enough to V-groove to within +0.002" depth over a 5’ X 24’ surface area. This was the first of this machine style we've built for this company and various others.

Our CNC machines are being used on ACM panels from top manufacturers, including Alucobond, Laminators, Alucoil, Reynobond, Vitrabond, Alpolic, Mitsubishi and more.


Stair Stringer and Tread Machine

cnc stair stringer products page viewCNT has been building machines for cutting stair treads for a number of years. The machine has two individually programmable X-axes, each attached to a Z-head for mirror-image and split-head machining to optimize material for the best possible yield. A custom software program allows the operator to pick material type and thickness, rise and run, style of stringer (box, open, horse cut, winder, etc.) and end cuts.


Custom Table and Fixturing System for Fence Manufacturing

Fence MachineSince 1994, CNT Motion Systems has been manufacturing machines for the fence industry. Our fence machines feature special air-activated, self-centering clamps to hold PVC, wood or aluminum fence posts ranging from 1-8" in width. The two-, four- and eight-spindled configurations deliver high production for this efficient, affordable solution.


12-foot-long Table for Extrusion Machining and Small Parts Production

Since 1999, CNT has designed and built machines engineered to drill and mill aluminum extrusions for a variety of applications (including door & window frames, aircraft components, lighting enclosures and wall systems) and machine small parts for high production. With a 12-foot bed, 24 vise clamp positions, eight pop-up position stops, pivoting head, 15-position automatic tool changer and alcohol coolant system, this CNT-1000 provides a single-step automated solution. On the machine pictured here, the vise deck is removable to allow access to a fully functional vacuum grid bed for machining aluminum sheet material. The vise deck is removed using four lifting rings and easily and accurately reinstalled using location pins.


Bar Stock and Sheet Goods Metalworking

Metalworking MachineCNT Motion has been producing large-work-area metalworking CNC Router/Mills as a cost-effective solution for milling large, light-gauge to medium-thickness steel, aluminum, copper, brass and other metal bar/plate. Many of our customers have found that our CNC Router/Mills are ideally suited for their specific applications, providing greater flexibility, higher speeds and larger work areas than traditional vertical machining centers.


Conveyor Feed-through Parts Machining

Through Parts Production MachineThis machine was designed to be installed inline with an existing panel processing cutter. The pre-cut parts are pushed into the machine from a stacker where an optical sensor activates the ball screw clamping of the servo-driven, conveyor-style belt feed. The part is moved at a high speed to the next optical sensor located 56" from the in-feed where it is oriented to begin machining. The X-,Y-,Z- and W-axes machine the top profiles before the part is advanced by the conveyor belt system through the fixed (yet adjustable) Porter Cable slotting routers mounted at top and bottom.


Snowboards and Skis High-Production Manufacturing

Four-headed MachineThis machine was one of four routers shipped to China for a CNT Motion customer who was setting up a new production facility for manufacturing snow boards and skis. The company, which bought two of these unique four-headed machines, came to us through their supplier of wood cores (also a CNT Motion customer). By producing four to eight boards at the same time, with a cycle time only minutes long, the company is producing hundreds of thousands of products a year. And, during their peak season, they’re running the machines 24/7!


Surfboard and Stand-Up Paddleboard Shaping Systems

Surfboard MachineSince 2000, CNT has been building machines for high-production surfboard and stand-up paddleboard (SUP) shaping. Incorporating a specialized support system, digitizing capability and industry-standard shaping software, this machine has enabled our clients to successfully pursue this challenging market using automation to boost both productivity and creativity.


Live Tooling Lathe Mill

Lathe Mill MachineThe industry’s most powerful 4-Axis CNC foam carving and flatbed router delivers capabilities unavailable from traditional processes or lesser machines. This powerful machine's industrial strength, top-of-the-line features and unequaled precision enable you to expand your product offerings and broaden your market reach. Turn your imagination into reality by creating larger and more intricate pieces than ever before!


High-Production Wood, Plastics and Metal Machining

Front-Loading MachineA renowned manufacturer of inspirational art, home decor and gifts has deployed two identical four-headed machines for 3-D high-resolution (4000 steps per inch/.0002) carving of various hardwoods — four to eight pieces at a time. To ease material loading/unloading, CNT Motion specially designed a custom 12'X4' front-loading table.


3-D Carving, Prototyping and Modeling

In 2003, CNT Motion Systems designed this 11' X 20' machine with four feet of Z-travel/clearance and a tilting spindle for Sage Cheshire, Inc. This California-based company has been providing services for many of the leading aerospace companies for more than 40 years. They offer prototyping and production services that utilize this CNC machining center’s unique size and flexibility. For more information about Sage Cheshire and their services, visit their web site at


Profiling, Grooving and Polishing

Grinding Polishing MachineIn 1997, CNT Motion designed and built the first of five machines for a customer specializing in the management of water removal and sheet formation on all types of pulp and paper machines. Their unique process combines heat and air flow to remove moisture content from pulp. Currently, they have five CNT machines (three in the U.S. and two in the APAC region) used for profiling reinforced fiberglass plastic 2" tall, 4" wide and up to 35' in length. Once machined, 2" ceramic profiles are bonded to the material and (using the same machine) ground to within .002" tolerance over the entire length and then polished to a #5-8 finish.


Four-Axis Lathe/Mill with Live Tooling

Pole MachineThis unique machine design best illustrates CNT Motion's ability to provide automation solutions to boost throughput and create a fully autonomous state-of-the-art composite fabrication facility. This machine was the centerpiece of a design that incorporated a CNC extractor feeding a CNC overhead auto-loader/unloader with part orientation and size identification, then feeding this lathe/mill unit, back to unloader and then, finally, to an out-feed conveyor.