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Stair Stringer and Tread CNC Machine

Since 1992, CNT Motion has been building machines for cutting stair stringers and treads. Our standard CNT-1000 Stair Stringer Machine has two individually programmable X-axes, each attached to a Z-head for mirror-image and split-head machining to optimize material for the best possible yield. An optional software program allows you to pick material type and thickness, rise and run, style of stringer (box, open, horse-cut, winder, etc.) and end cuts. Third-party software packages are also supported, such as StairBiz and Compass-Software. This video shows a 14-rise box-cut stringer with double end cuts.

8-Aisle CNC Fence Machine

Since 1994, CNT Motion Systems has been manufacturing CNC machines for the fence industry. Our fence machines feature special air-activated, self-centering clamps to hold PVC, wood, or aluminum fence posts ranging from 1-8″ in width. The two-, four-, and eight-spindled configurations deliver high production for this efficient, affordable solution. The machine shown in the photos has 8 HSD, 5-HP, SEV ER 32-Colleted high-speed spindles with LMV misting for aluminum cutting. The video footage shows a machine that has 8 Porter Cable Routers. Contact us today at or 412-244-5770, and let’s talk about how a CNC Fence Router can automate your manufacturing.

CNC In-Line Parts Processing

This machine was designed and built in 2018 to alleviate a bottleneck in the customer’s manufacturing line. It is shown with a temporary hopper to feed parts for this sample run-off. The parts are fed from the hopper using a pusher that feeds them into a position to be slotted by the routers located below the table surface. A dust collection port is provided to capture wood particles from the machining process. Once slotted, the parts are moved onto the next stage in the manufacturing process.

3-Head CNC Carving

The machine pictured here was the most recent of four machines this customer purchased over a 14-year span (2004-2019). The video was made in 2004 just before the machine was shipped to the customer. CNT Motion Systems handles delivery, installation, and training.

Four-Axis Lathe/Mill with Live Tooling

This unique machine design best illustrates CNT Motion’s ability to provide automation solutions to boost throughput and create a fully autonomous state-of-the-art composite fabrication facility. This machine was the centerpiece of a design that incorporated a CNC extractor feeding a CNC overhead auto-loader/unloader with part orientation and size identification, then feeding this lathe/mill unit, back to unloader and then, finally, to an out-feed conveyor.

Stair Parts Vacuum Hold-Down on 5 x 12 Deck

Stair parts held on wide-open 5 foot x 12 foot table. LTL OSB held by through vacuum; 2 x 12 lumber held with 5″ wide foam tape border. The fish scale pulls 110 pounds without moving parts on a wide open table with cut marks from previous machining.

CNC Curtain Wall Machines

Learn More about CNT Motion’s CNC Solutions for Curtain Wall Fabrication

The only Curtain Wall CNC machines for aluminum extrusions with vertical and horizontal clamp-down fixturing.

ACM Panel & Alucobond Machine

Foam Feeding & Cutting

Solid Surface Machining

Cast Tool Plate Machining

Shrink Blower (side view)

Shrink Blower (front view)


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