Ski and Snowboard Manufacturing

Four Heads Cutting Simultaneously for High-Production Manufacturing

CNT-950 Four-headed Snowboard and Ski Machine

This machine was one of four routers shipped to China for a CNT Motion Systems customer who was setting up a new production facility for manufacturing snowboards and skis. The company, which bought two of these unique four-headed machines, came to us through their supplier of wood cores (also a CNT Motion customer). By producing four to eight boards at the same time, with a cycle time only minutes long, the company is producing hundreds of thousands of products a year. And, during their peak season, they’re running the machines 24/7!

4-Headed CNC Machine

*Due to fluctuating supply markets, prices shown are subject to change. Please use pricing shown for reference only. Machines will be quoted at the time of inquiry.

Are You New to CNC Machining? We’ll Train You!

CNC machining is easier to use than ever before. CNT Motion technicians will provide on-site training at the time of installation, with most customers quickly becoming skilled users.

  • 60″ Wide X 120″ Long Cutting Area with Four 15″ Wide X 120″ Long Work Cells
  • Four 15″ X 120″ Vacuum Zones with Electric Switch Control On/Off
  • Pin Stops along Length of Outside Cutting Area for Material Reference
  • 92″ Wide X 144″ Long Machine Footprint
  • AC Brushless Closed-loop Servo Drives
  • An IBM-Compatible PC, State-of-the-art WinCNC™ Motion Control Software in a NEMA 12 Cabinet
  • A Full-perimeter Cable E-Stop
  • Computer Control Spindle On/Off/Speed Changes
  • Automatic Tool-length Measure Switch
  • Pressurized and Lubricated 25mm Bearing System
  • Four 5hp HSD ISO30 Four-pole Long-nose 230V Tool Changers with Advanced Dust Collection
  • Four Four-station Tool Bar Units with ISO30 Tool Holders at Front of Table
  • One 25hp Two-stage Regenerative Vacuum and Grid Hold-down

Repeatability: .001″

Positioning Accuracy: ±.002″

Cutting Area: 60″ X 120″

Z-axis Travel: 7″ *

Rapid Traverse X & Y: 1500 IPM

Rapid Traverse Z: 600 IPM

Drive Motor: Servo

Y-axis Drive System: Helical Rack-and-pinion

X- & Z- axes Drive System: Hiwin Ball Screw

Controller: Windows® PC

Warranty: 1 Year

Weight: Approx. 5000 Lbs.

*Standard specs. Optional dimensions available. Call for details and pricing.

WinCNC Computer Screen

Control it from a PC!

Every CNC machine comes with WinCNC Software pre-installed. Ask about our industry-specific custom applications.


Especially with the speed, precision and repeatability of the CNT-950.

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