Seven Major Considerations when Purchasing a CNC Machine

There’s no reason why purchasing a CNC machine shouldn’t pay for itself, make you money, and open up new business opportunities.

A CNC machine is no small investment. In order to ensure that you’re getting the machine that best suits your production needs now and in the future, you want to make educated decisions. Here, the CNT Motion Team has collected some of the vital considerations that many overlook while evaluating their options, including:

    • Buying domestic vs. imported equipment
    • Electrical Requirements
    • Air Compression
    • Operator Training
    • Software Considerations
    • Programming and Operation
    • The “Big Four” of machining for quality, consistency and productivity (Speed, Feed, Tooling and Fixturing)
7 Major Considerations when Purchasing a CNC Machine Document

Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse after Purchasing a CNC Machine

Determining the best CNC solution for your needs is no simple task. As you evaluate your options, it’s always best to consult those who have been there, done that. The CNT Motion team is available to walk through your application, material and sizes, tooling needs, and facility requirements to help you make an educated decision and avoid the “I should have”s and “Why didn’t I?”s of buyer’s remorse. The more information we can provide, the closer you’ll get to owning a CNC machine that is just right for you.


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